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右大臣実朝:太宰 治(282-325)/1344


When it was a battle between Maki of Ogasawara Omakara and a magistrate of Magura Hiraku Usuke, a magistrate, Mr. Miura was such an omen Everyone was amazed at that bad habit as well as bringing to the deputy officers that they had the opportunity to do it by the circumstances of underground craftsmen such as pastoralists, but the shogunate Indeed it was exalted judgment like truly awesomeness.


Miura Gawarui.


Mr. Nadoni Rebellious Salernydeha magistrate No priestly Gana Innodes.


Magistrate admiration.


It was casually deceived with an example of a calm attitude.


At that time, I took it seriously until I reached the end at the end.


The truthfully thoughtless bargain undecided judgment, the magnitude of Mr. Miura as much as anything else, no matter what the eyes, so-called Tenri's instructions, While telling me that it was every time, there was no other than admiration.


Indeed it is an unfriendly story that the officer begins to fight against underground craftsmen such as pastoralists, as a magistrate, if you try to be treated from the shogun's house, it is a matter of course, naturally, Although there are no differences in the ruling, but also for the things of our ordinary people, it seems to me that it is somewhat severe to make a man who is as well as Mr. Mikita Hirakuten, After being treated as much as possible, there was no thing that it is not a mind what kind of thing will be done later.


In addition, at the beginning of June, Wada Shiemonmoko was captured the propaganda of Sanjo Sho, a little confusing thing happened about that.


The goodwill of the Ryoke family of the Echigo country Sanpujo was killed for thieves, and the thief was not able to reveal anything by recharging, so Mr. Lt. Gen. Shiemon left to take a stronghold of the shoji and add a squat The fact that it came in the thing that it came in was that the relatives of that stature went on to complain to the dispute, internally holding hands and filing a complaint against Mr. Nyimoto, so it seemed strange to be uncomfortable. I cheated.


At that time, the shogunate was still stuck on the floor after the illness, but even if it was a sick bed, it was never a thing to neglect a crowd, so leave as it is on that day From Mr. Aishu from Mr. Aoshima, we were able to hear various things such as the lawsuits of the countries, but to that place, the bureau of Suruga of Otsuki's wife crawled out and progressed so soon afterwards ,


"I will tell you.


Innocent people are being taken.


If Echigo country says "Samisozu, -", Mr. Aishu is making a small tongue faintly,


"What, is that?


That's already over.


There was a command of the Shogun who said that the treatment was right.


In addition, you are also in such a case. "


He hurt his eyebrows as he was a little sullen, and made her mouth sharp.


"There is also a mouth-watering of Mr. Nyimoto-sama."


And Suruga station stated, I lost my voice and did not lose.


From the beginning, it was the official who won the favor.


"I wish for a more interrogative investigation.


The treatment of Mr. Wada Shihito this time is a matter of reason, and it is obvious that it is reasonable, and it is impossible to see to the relatives of the relatives including the land front fee that cries innocent sin, We are in a state of concern to Mitoyama. "


Miyoshi-sama was laughed wilderly when I heard that Mr. Nyimoto-sama.


By the way, I looked down on the face of the shogun of the hospital bed as he looked back on something with wiping out,


Denjin righteous dehany


I pushed my eyes as soon as I lightly touched my eyes.


Truly, Mr. Aizo also had a false impression, just rounded your eyes and stared at the face of the shogun.


Wada No Tsutsumi End Ranusakikara, Sonoyuni noisetachiha, Mononode Order Gadoullimarus.


Tsumaranu agent Hasuronodeidai.


Bureau of Suruga became ugly and cry for a moment, then put one hand on the chest, I prayed while agonizing the thrust of the stabbed person.


Although it was never a tone of anger, yet at the bottom of the word that you would not hesitate to do without stagnation, you should not be afraid of your mother's nunity mitarism, I felt like I was being determined with resolve, I learned a shiver equally to me in my childhood.


Even though it was a childhood, I was already 15 years old at that time, and the other party of his song was getting used to work, but at the same time, that person, Compared with grown-up feelings, there was a difference between heaven and earth in the meantime, that man was just 20 years old in the first year of this first-generation god, but this July July , Kanto area Flood of the flood, already that wonderful,


When Nyori Oguruba Erio Kinari Yae Dragon Kingdom rain stops supply


Tempo waka songs were also made, and together with the fruit and fame it was possible to show the dignity of the majestic daughter of the Kanto.


Indeed, while speaking of being born, there is no guess as to the people of ourselves whether it was a person who was able to make it to a high level of beauty without depending on anything.


I will do my utmost to tell you something about something, and soon, I will not talk about that young Zen master.


There is nothing wrong with everyone you know, but the late Right General has children for the two men, and the older brother is a two-item Zen chamber after Hoshi's official sale My brother you are Mr. Senba, you right next to me, my other brothers, but everyone else was gone quickly and the late Right General lost the eleventh day of Masayō the first year of Masaharu After being deceived fifty years ago, the brother-in-law, the brother-in-law, who was 18 years old, was attacking the remains of his father at the age of 18. However, I do not know almost anything such as me.


It is enough to have people hear about such things as being hospitable and strongly hateful, being a master of the ball and being irritated by the beauty of the world not so familiar to the world , There are no differences for anyone who has had extraordinary skills.


But at that time I would say that the times were bad, even Kamakura and also the district were rebellious and contrary subjects continued to keep things unchanged from this one's wishes, and also because of the example of the irritability, somewhat Though he also ran into the thoughtless shallow commandment, there was also a condemnation from the inside of the house, even heaven had abandoned this man, his illness gradually became heavy, Three years Jenin In the end of August, we are in critical condition, we have decided the second generation Shogun Shosaike here as well, we declare our family as his grandfather Ichihata Ichiban, and we have a general guardianship and the head office of the Kanto 28 countries After giving up, I was handed over to the Chiba-san's brother-in-law's head office in the Kansai region, but this was the cause of the grudge, so Ichinawa sama A conflict arises between Mr. Hira and Mr. Hojo who is the ex-ancestor of Mr. Chihata and Mr. Hira is annihilated, MoWazuka was killed in your six years old.


Left Kinugo Shogun Shike Hoshijo of the hospital bed became angry with listening to it, and immediately instructed Mr. Hojyo to write down to Mr. Wada, Mr. Inida, etc., but also know Mr. Hojyo quickly It became a place, and since it was dangerous to the authority of the dutyuke public, the mother 's mother' s god will forcibly bring out the honorable daughter of the honorable public servant, while the younger brother I begged for the proclamation that the generals of your Chief General wanted to do, Professor Ikkuni was somewhat better off for that disease condition, and at the same time I went down to Shuzenji Izukokuji, and the great uproar of the Nakamido There are things I heard from people, for example, that it has grown steadily in work.


Mr. Leong Shingo Zenro sent us depressed days at Shuzenji and we were lost at the age of 23 at the end of July 18th, the former Yuuku the first year of the following year.


It has been said that there was an eerie rumor saying that this was also killed by the hand of Mr. Hojo, about the thing which disappeared, but it seems to me that it is seven or eight It is a thing at the very moment, and it is a heavy thing to pray about the things like that, well, I wish to cancel out whether it is such a thing.