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世界怪談名作集:02 貸家:リットン エドワード・ジョージ・アール・ブルワー:岡本 綺堂(441-479)/561


These ghosts may also appear with some purpose or may appear without any purpose.


They seldom talk to you, but they don't say anything else.


Therefore, no matter how surprising its vision is, it should be rejected as a philosophical part, not a supernatural wonder.


They are nothing but thought that they were transported from their brains to others upon human death.


―― First of all, if you think of an event like this, it will be natural for the table to appear and the shape of the monster reflected on the wall, but only human hands will come out and things that are there Even if it is a horrible event that freezes our blood, even if it is a horrible event that freezes our blood, there will be some sort of intermediary, as if it were an electric wire It is believed that it has been circulated from other brains to my brains.


Human beings are naturally made chemically by constitution, and such human beings can reveal chemical wonders.


Also, liquid humans (usually called electricity) can show the wonder of power generation.


Therefore, all that I see and hear is that human beings ... living in the same way as me are doing something from afar, so that they do not even know themselves It is thought that a good effect was produced.


In short, the human being uses the brain of the dead, and the brain itself is merely dreaming.


But its power is so powerful that its physical power has killed my dog.


If I fell for fear, I would be killed like a dog. "


"Have you killed your dog?


That's scary, "said Mr. J.


"I see, so to speak, there are no animals in the house.


I can not see even one cat.


I have never seen a wolf. "


"The intense beast's creativity has the effect of killing those animals, but humans are more resistant than other animals.


First of all, did you come to understand my theory?


"First of all, ...


I got some clues to rudeness while being rude.


You should follow your theory rather than just accepting the notion of ghosts and monsters that are hated since we were in the children's room.


But the argument is controversial, and it can not be said that there is something wrong with my rental house.


So what should we do with that house? "


"This is how you do.


A small, unfurnished room, at right angles to the door of the bedroom where I stayed, seems suspicious.


It is recognized that that room is the starting point or place of a kind of inspiration that makes me feel at a house, so I would recommend you to take away this wall tomorrow and take this floor tomorrow I want to take it off.


Otherwise, all the room will be taken away.


That room is built on top of a small backyard, apart from the whole building, so there is nothing to do with the rest of the building as I moved it. "


"There, if I do that ..."


"First off the telegraph line.


Take a look at it.


If you let me command the work, I will pay half the cost of the construction. "


"No, I will bear it.


Let me tell you the rest in writing. "




About ten days later, I received a letter from Mr. J.


According to the report, he went to look back at the house after I returned.


Then he found that the two letters had returned to the original draw again, so he read with the same suspicion as I.


Then again, as I guessed, when I started to look carefully at the old woman who seems to be the recipient of the letter, one year before the date of the letter, that is 36 years from now she is a relative I got married because of my will.