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世界怪談名作集:02 貸家:リットン エドワード・ジョージ・アール・ブルワー:岡本 綺堂(480-509)/561


The man was a very suspicious person from the United States and was recognized by the world as a pirate.


She was the daughter of a well-trusted merchant, and had the status she had been raised by her nanny until she got married.


Also, she had a widower's older brother, which was probably rich and had a six-year-old child at that time.


One month after she got married, her brother's corpse was found near the London Bridge in the River Thames, and the throat of the corpse showed evidence of added violence, but in particular he asked for a post-mortem examination It did not become a strong evidence, but ended up being a moribund.


The Americans and their wives were the guardians of one of the orphans by the will of his dead brother.


Then, the wife inherited the property because the child died.


However, it was imagined that the child died slightly after six months, probably due to cold temper and abuse for the guardian couple.


Neighbors proved to have heard the child's crying voice at night.


The doctor who examined the corpse also said that he had died due to lack of nutrition, and that the whole body had purplish marks of good quality.


On a winter night with anything, children tried to run away, crawled out to the backyard, climbed a weir, fell tired, and were found dead on a stone in the coming morning Seems to be.


But even though there is some evidence of abuse there, there is no evidence of killing the child.


His aunt and his husband excuse themselves for correcting the child's very brutal behavior against his cruelty.


He then explained that he was a half-minded one-minded person.


In any case, by the death of this orphan, the aunt inherited the property of his brother.


Not long after the first year of marriage, Americans suddenly left Britain and never returned.


Two years later he was on board the shipwrecked in the Atlantic.


Thus, she became a widow, but she lived well.


Moreover, various disasters came to fall on her, the bank of deposit fell down, and the business of investment failed, and finally it became a non-productive person.


After that, he went on to work for a variety of jobs, but it gradually dropped, and he began to appear from the manager of the rental house to the service of the second woman.


There was no one to blame for her nature, but no matter how far she went, the service did not last long.


She was depositional, honest, and admittedly well-behaved, but there was no one to recommend her.


Then, Mr. J took over and finally hired a guard at a rental house to finally fall into the nursing home.


The lender was the house she rented as a housewife during the first year of her marriage.


After that, Mr. J added such a thing.


Mr. J spent an hour alone in the room where I recommended to crush, but he felt a great fear though he did not look or hear anything else, so he I decided to turn up the wall and remove the floor according to my attention, and I already promised to the craftsman that I would start work from my designated day.


So I took my time and I went to a monster house.


We went into a room with no windows, took out the baseboard of the building, and turned over the floorboard, and found a glazed door covered with trash under the rafters.


The bell was so large that humans could easily get it, and it was strictly nailed with an iron clamp and a hammer.


Remove them and go down to the room below, there is nothing suspicious about the structure, there are windows and windows, but they are painted with bricks and they are already many years old It was clearly seen to be.


Examining them in a candlelight, they found the same type of furniture-a tripod chair, a single rattan chaise longue, a single table, which were almost eighty-year-old forms.