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世界怪談名作集:03 スペードの女王:プーシキン アレクサンドル・セルゲーヴィチ:岡本 綺堂(188-220)/715


"Because you just say it's a bullshit.


Please open the window.


See it.


The wind is blowing and it's very cold.


Take off the harness.


Rezavetta, let's stop coming out already.


...... It was not enough to do so much makeup. "


"What is my life?", Rizavetta thought in his mind.


In fact, Risavetta Ivanova was a very unhappy woman.


Dante says, "Bread bread is bitter and his level is steep."


And none of them knew that this old lady's poor talker, Risa Vetta, had the same hardship as a homemaker.


A 伯爵 Mrs. was never an angry woman, but she is as fancy as a woman who came from the world, and she is old-fashioned not thinking about anything about the past and thinking about the present, I was greed and myself.


She went to the ball often because she was crazy about every epidemic society.


Then, she wore costumes and makeup of the time, and took a seat in the corner, like a clunky ornament that would have to be in the ballroom.


The guests who came to the ballroom approached her as if it were a certain ritual, and they all greeted politely, but once that was done, no one turned to her anymore The


She also kept very strict courtesy when holding a banquet in her house.


That habit, she was no longer able to distinguish people's faces.


The many servants of Mrs. gradually became fertile during their husband's next room and while they were in their room, and instead of getting older, they did the work of their own work, and they were all overly old. He was competing to steal from his wife.


Among them, unfortunate Rizavetta was a victim of home economics.


When she brews tea, she is scolded for using too much sugar, and when she reads the novel, it says such a stupid thing, the author's sin comes down on her.


If you go for the walk of Mrs., I will tell you what the weather is like, how the pavement will be, and give a brief comment about the guy.


The salary is deposited in the postal savings and is rarely in your hands.


If you want to buy a kimono like other people, you can not do that either.


In particular, she played a truly miserable role in the social world.


No one knew him, but no one looked at her as a bait.


Even if she goes to a ball, she is just pulled out and dancing only when someone has no other party, and it is also the time when the women's group pulls her out of the ballroom to fix the arrival gap of their costumes But I didn't like to put her hand on her arm.


Therefore, because she knew herself well and she was clearly aware of her position, she was looking for a man who somehow saved herself Hardly made her a problem.


Moreover, Rizavetta was a hundred times more lovely than the thick-skinned, cold-hearted, age-old daughters who are driven by youths of the world.


She is shining as a wolf, but she often creeps out of her boring sitting room and often cries to her little miserable room.


The room had a screen, an eyebrow, a look, and a painted bed, and a candle was hanging over a copper sconce.


One morning-that was about two days after the anarchy of the officers mentioned at the beginning of this story, and a week before the case that was about to begin.


Rizavetta Ivanovna sits near the window, sitting in front of the embroidered table, and when I look at the city, she notices that a young engineer officer is looking up at his window I turned to my face and started work again soon.


Then, after only five minutes, she looked down the city again and the young officer still stood in the same place.