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世界怪談名作集:08 ラッパチーニの娘:ホーソーン ナサニエル:岡本 綺堂(200-233)/761


She had a beautiful head of a young man--a Greek-style rather than an Italian-style, with a beautifully arranged fortune and a slick blonde eyebrow--like a worm that wandered its head hollow. I knew I was staring at her.


Giovanni almost silently threw down the bouquet he had in hand until now.


"Daughter," he said.


"There are clean and healthy flowers here.


Please put that flower for Giovanni Guasconti. "


"Thank you," said Beatrice, with a rich voice like a kind of music overflowing, half as childish and half as feminine, with a happy look.


"I will receive your gift.


I would like to give you this beautiful purple flower to thank you, but I will not reach you even if I throw it.


Mr. Guasconti, thank you, please forgive me. "


She picked up a bouquet from the ground.


She rushed past the yard and into the house as if she was a shame that she forgot her sincerity, such as responding to the greetings of an unknown person.


It was only a few seconds, but when her figure was about to disappear under the entrance, it seemed that a beautiful bouquet of flowers had already fallen in her hand.


However, it is a foolish imagination, so far away from it, it will be recognized how the fresh flowers go and so on.


After this, for a while, the young man avoided going to the window facing the garden of Rappacini.


If he looked at the garden, he thought that he would have thought that something a nasty affair would appear in his eyes.


He realized that he was acquainted with Beatrice, although he was somewhat influenced by a power that was hard to understand.


If he feels a real danger in his mind, the most sensible thing would be to leave this Padua once.


The second good thing would be to get used to her familiarity with Beatrice as I saw it during the day, and to think of her as a very ordinary woman.


Giovanni must never approach this unusual woman, especially while avoiding her.


If close relationship with her can be made, it is because there is a possibility that his whim of imagining constantly may come true someday.


Giovanni had a deep heart-not just measured it now-but had a quick imagination and the heat of the southern region.


This property always becomes like a fever.


Beatrice's formidable traits-according to his sightings-that it resembles its terrifying breath or a beautiful poisonous flower-she has at least one with or without those traits The very fierce, incomprehensible poison medicine has been swallowed into its body.


Her dark and shiny make him crazy, but it is not love.


He also imagines that the same toxic element engulfs her spirit as it appears to her body, but it is not a fear.


It is a product of two things, love and fear, and also possess those two properties.


In other words, it burns like love, and comes as fear.


Giovanni did not know what to fear, nor did he even know what to desire.


Moreover, hope and fear constantly fought in the chest.


If you decide to conquer other emotions, you will come up again and renew the battle.


Simple emotions, either dark or light, are happy.


The flames of the haunting hell are the envy of two emotions.


From time to time he wandered the streets and suburbs of Padua in an effort to calm the feverish spirit.


As the pace kept pace with the head movement, it was getting faster as it was in the competition.