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世界怪談名作集:13 上床:クラウフォード フランシス・マリオン:岡本 綺堂(88-118)/524


However, while sailing on an ocean steamer, the most enjoyable moments are when you're making the last round of excitement that you have exercised the deck, when you shake the last dress, and then moderately It feels like you're tired of your body and feel free to enter your room with a clear mind like a child.


The first night I got on the ship, I was particularly ugly, so I thought I would sleep much earlier than usual, and when I entered Room No.5, there seems to be a passenger in addition to myself, I was surprised.


In the corner opposite to where I put it, there was exactly the same travel bag as me, and the blanket was folded properly on the upper bed-the upper floor-along with a walking stick and umbrella. .


I was a little disappointed because I wanted to be alone, but from the curiosity of who I was in my room, I waited to see his face when he entered.


A little while after I went down to the bed, the man came in.


He is, to the extent I can see, a very tall, terribly skinny man with a terrible ugly face, with brown hair and cheeks, and gray eyes cloudy. It was.


I thought it was a suspicious person.


You must have seen the kind of people hanging around Wall Street, without having to do anything else.


Or a man who often appeared at Caffe Anglet, drinking champagne alone and then hanging out without looking at it separately at the stadium-he was such a person.


He was somewhat fashionable and somehow quirky.


These people are usually a couple of people on the steamer on every route.


So, I thought that I didn't want to get close to him, so I slept while thinking about studying his daily habits so as not to face him.


Since then, if he got up early, I got up later than him, and if he wouldn't sleep forever, I would go to bed before him.


Of course, I didn't know what he was.


Once we know the family name of this kind of man, the man is the one who constantly appears in our heads.


But since the first night in Room No.5, I have never seen the face of that sorry man, so I didn't have to bother with him.


僕 I was sleeping with a spear and suddenly shook my eyes with a loud noise.


A man in the same room jumped off a bed on my head to find the sound.


I thought he was crushing the door latches and lumbers with clumsy hands, but as soon as the doors fluttered, I heard his roar running through the hallway at full speed.


The door remained open.


The ship was swaying a little, so I heard that he would hear the sound of stumbling and falling, but he was running somewhere as he was still running hard. It was.


Every time the ship sways, I was worried that the door would be beaten.


When I got out of the bed, closed the door, and handed over the darkness to the bed, I fell asleep again and I didn't know how many hours I slept.




When I looked, it was still dark.


I had a strange and unpleasant chill, so I thought this was probably due to the air.


You will know a special smell of the cabin wet with seawater.


I put a group as much as possible and thought that good words when I made a great complaint to that man, and finally fell asleep again.


Over time, I heard the sound of a man in the same room turning over on the bed on my head.


Maybe he came back while I was sleeping.


Eventually, I felt like he was groaning, so I thought it was a ship.