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世界怪談名作集:13 上床:クラウフォード フランシス・マリオン:岡本 綺堂(171-206)/524


”The craftsman said quietly.


"Well, listen.


I can't wait for the ship's reputation.


Let me tell you what I will do.


I don't know what you mean, but I have a fairly large room on this, so you wake up with me there. ''


“I was surprised by his request.


I couldn't imagine why the surgeon suddenly thought about my body.


Anyway, the attitude when he talked about this ship was strange.


“Thank you very much for your kindness, but I think that the cabin has already changed the air and the humidity is gone.


But why are you told that this ship is irrelevant? ”I asked.


“Of course, you will know that we are not superstitions even if we are in the profession of doctors.


But the ocean is what makes humans a superstition.


I don't want to give you superstition or terror, but if you can give me my advice, just go to my room. ''


The ship doctor also added the following words:


“Because you hear that you are sleeping in that No. 5 cabin, you will eventually have to see you fall into the sea….


But this is not just for you. ''


“That ’s really ...


What happened? "


船 When I turned around, the craftsman answered that it would tend to sink.


“Recently, during the three voyages, there is a fact that all the people who slept in that cabin fell into the sea.”


I confess, but nothing is as frightening and unpleasant as human knowledge.


I had this intimate knowledge, so I was trying to find out if he was teasing me, and I was staring at the face, but the craftsman had a very serious face. So I thank him very much for his wishes, and I am going to be one of the exceptions because anyone who slept in that special room would fall to the sea. Talking to him, he didn't disagree very much, but the complexion was sinking more than before.


Then, by the time of the next time, he said once again that he should think about his wishes carefully.


After a while, when I went to eat breakfast with the craftsman, there were not many seafarers at the table, so I was surprised to see one or two high-class sailors eating with us. I noticed that I had a sunken face.


When I finished my breakfast, I went to my room to collect the books, and the curtains on the bed were still in place and I couldn't hear any sound.


The man in the room seemed to be still sleeping.


When I left the room, I met a waiter who was looking for me.


When he whispered that the captain wanted to meet me, he had gone through the corridor as if he wanted to be drowned.


When I went to the captain's room, the captain was waiting.


“Hi, I ’m sorry to hear that you ’re sorry.


There is something I want to ask you for ... "


I replied that if you can do it, don't hesitate to say anything.


“Actually, passengers in your room have become unknown.


That person knows that he was in the cabin in the evening, but did you notice anything suspicious about his attitude? ''


Just thirty minutes ago, when the terrible incident that the craftsman said became a real problem and entered my ears, I almost seemed to be overwhelmed.


"You don't mean that a man in the same room as me fell into the sea."