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世界怪談名作集:13 上床:クラウフォード フランシス・マリオン:岡本 綺堂(207-238)/524


’When I turned back, the captain replied.


“That ’s right, so I ’m worried…”


“There are some really strange things.”


“Why?” This time, the captain turned back.


“Now, that's the man and the fourth.”


After saying this, as the answer to the captain's first question, I would not say that I heard it from the craftsman. I was surprised.


Then I told him all the details that happened.


“You are almost exactly in line with what you have just told me that someone in the same cabin as two of the three throwers has spoken to me,” the captain said.


“The former throwers jumped off the bed and immediately ran through the hallway.


A sailor who watched that two of the three fell into the sea, we stopped the boat and lowered the rescue boat, but it was never found.


Even if I really did throw, nobody had seen or heard it.


Because the man in charge of that cabin is a superstitious man, I felt that something bad was going to happen, so when I gently looked at the guests in the same room, the bed became empty, There was a mess of that person's kimono left there.


Only that waiter knows the person in your room on this ship, so he sought the ship without hesitation, but he never knows where to go.


How about not letting this event happen to other passengers ...


I don't want to give the ship a bad name, but nothing threatens the passenger's head as much as the rumors of this thrower.


Then I would like you to move to one of the luxury sailor's rooms ...


Of course, my room is fine.


I don't think this is a bad condition ... "


“It ’s very good,” I said.


“I understand.


However, because I was able to monopolize that room, I would rather stay there.


If the waiter takes out the unhappy man's baggage, I will gladly remain in my room.


Of course, I won't let anything happen about this incident, and I'm going to promise you that I won't do the second dance of the man in the same room. ''


The captain tried to stop my unthinkable thoughts, but I refused to be a luxury sailor and decided to monopolize the room.


I don't know if it was ridiculous, but if I accepted the captain's advice at that time, I made a mediocre voyage and probably couldn't have a bizarre experience like speaking to you I will.


The unpleasant coincidence of the repeated throwing incidents between the humans who have slept in the Vessel No. 5 to date will remain in the sailors' heads, but such coincidences will no longer exist in the future | I made up my mind in the cage.


In any case, the incident has not been resolved yet.


I decided that I wouldn't be amazed by the ghost stories I had so far, but I still fought various discussions about this issue with the captain.


I said that there seems to be something bad in that room.


The proof that Yube had opened the window.


The man in my room had been sick since he boarded the ship, but became more mad after he entered the bed.


That said, the man is hiding somewhere in the ship and may be discovered right now, but anyway, it's necessary to change the air in that room and keep the windows careful and firm. I told the captain that if I didn't have any more work, I wanted to see if the room was well ventilated and the windows were tight.