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中国怪奇小説集:17 閲微草堂筆記(清):岡本 綺堂(1-43)/332


Chinese mysterious novels


Written by Rikyousodo (Qing)


Okamoto Kido


十 The fifteenth man speaks.


"I ended up taking charge of" Kenshosakudo Kiki ", which is a bigger thing than the previous" Chijingo ", and the author is signed with Michio Kanya. It is a period *.


Kino * is called Xiao-Ran, a master of the Qianlong era.


I died and was shouted as Prince Bunda.


This work is not a draft at once, but first compiles six volumes of "Yo Chain Natsuroku", then four volumes of "Ryozen Gamon", then four volumes of "Goesei Magazine", and then "Mr. He knitted four volumes, followed by six volumes of "Yosunokuroku", and collected a total of twenty-four volumes, and named it "Kenshosakudo Kikiki". However, since we have collected 1,282 kinds of bizarre stories, it is not something that will be exhausted in the morning.


If you want to know the whole picture, please read the originals with full ease of reading. ''


雷 Lightning trial


A heavy thunderstorm occurred on the night of June in Yongzheng in Qing Qian, and in a certain village west of the county castle in Xian County, a villager was killed by a lightning strike.


A prefectural ordinance called Mingming went on a business trip and examined the corpse, but half a month later suddenly caught and questioned a person.


"What did you buy gunpowder for?"


"To catch birds"


"There shouldn't be any ammunition that shoots sparrows.


Why did you buy a couple of loaves of gunpowder? "


"I decided to buy them all at once and store them."


"You haven't been a month since you bought gunpowder.


If you spend a lot, it should be just one or two loaves, but where are the rest of the medicines stored? ''


彼 He got stuck in this and finally confessed.


He had adultery with the villager's wife, and in a collusion with his wife, bombed his husband, as if shattered by a lightning strike.


After the trial settled, one asked the prefectural ordinance.


"Why did you look at that man?"


"It takes tens of loaves to explode gunpowder and make it look like thunder.


In particular, sulfur must be used as a drug combination.


Now it is not time to fire firecrackers in the heat, so very few people buy sulfur.


I secretly sent a man to find out who had bought a lot of sulfur in this city, and the buyer was quickly understood.


When the buyer was further investigated, it was said that the villager had sold it.


He knew he was the culprit. ''


"But nevertheless, how did you know that the thunder of the night was a preparation?"


"If lightning strikes a person, it falls, of course, from top to bottom.


Breaking down a house usually only breaks down the roots and does not hurt the land.


Investigating the site of this lightning strike, however, reveals that thatched ridges are not only flying upwards, but that the ground between the soils has been torn off.


That is the first suspicion.


Also, the site is only 5 or 6 ri to the castle and the lightning should be almost the same, but the lightning of the night was quite intense, but all were just roaming in the air, There was no lightning strike.


Combining them, I recognized it as a false lightning on the ground. ''


The people were subject to the prerogative of the prefectural order.


Cheng success and the different monks


When Jung Chung succeeded in Taiwan, a foreign monk from the Yuedong region came across the sea.


Not only was he proficient in swordsmanship and kempo, but when he was sitting with his skin peeled off, he could not cut it with a blade and was hard, like iron stone.


He was also familiar with martial law and gained the essence of talking with soldiers.


Chung's success was when he was trying to invite all the great masters, so he gratefully waited and waited for him, but as the days passed he gradually increased, and the behavior of arrogance and rudeness was repeated Jeong's success has finally become unbearable.


And because of the suspicion that he was a reminder of the Qing Kingdom, he decided to kill him, but as before, he was a martial artist and a kind of immortality. Being a monk, he said he was hesitant to open his hand openly, said the general, Liu Guoxian.