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有喜世新聞の話:岡本 綺堂(185-213)/355


I forcibly grabbed the raw wood, which made it a mistake again, and eventually ended up as a newsletter in the newspaper | But he had to be ashamed, so he decided to do so, including causality in his house.


Yada is not a bad person either, but his monthly salary was 15 or 16 yen, and he didn't seem to like his house, but as he said, he gave up if there were no more specifications. When I let her say hello to Yada's mother from the house again, she said that this insult was not frustrating, and it would not be perfectly compatible to have my only daughter's daughter married to me. Yada's mother was pleased with tears again.


I had no time to spare, so I decided to put a butterfly in the spring of next spring, and this one case was resolved.


But all things are behind the scenes.


It was only at a later date that it was completely our mistake to neglect the prying and to just take the monthly solution and assume that it would be safe. "


溝 Because this decision is nothing to hide from the start, the Mizoguchis started preparing for the wedding from the end of the year.


Mizoguchi's Hoso took her daughter to Daimaru and Echigoya several times.


Years passed in such a rush, and the spring of Meiji 15 came, which we should have noticed.


Consultations about the marriage finally began on the night of February AD, and preparations for the two families in Mizoguchi-Yada were almost complete on the night of January 29.


In time, a butterfly to be the bride suddenly committed suicide after taking the pharmacy's powerful drugs.


Of course, it was a business, so Mizoguchi did all sorts of treatment and added treatment, but the time when he discovered it was so late that the butterfly never lived.


Needless to say, the surprise of the two sons and the bride and groom.


No one knew why the butterfly died during the wedding.


Everybody was just amazed and she couldn't cry for a while, but she couldn't help it anymore, so she reported it to the police from the Mizoguchi family and went through the regular procedures The corpse of the butterfly was buried in a temple in Yotsuya.


Fortunately, the death of the butterfly was not reported in newspapers, as the Mizoguchi family had police arrested the case.


The butterfly left a letter book, so it was no doubt that it was suicide, but the letter book was a simple one for my mother, and I died because I was so thin and I forgave you It just meant that I would like to apologize to my father.


Therefore, the details of having to die were unknown.


As such, it was natural that her death darkened the surrounding air.


Yada's mother was disappointed as if she was depressed.


Tonosuke seemed to be sick and drinking all over, and came back drunk every night.


Hoso-kun of Mizoguchi was also dim as a half-sick person.


In this case, it is imagined that such a tragedy would be created because she combined a butterfly and Tonosuke on the body of a woman who did not have a good feeling from anyone It was.


She couldn't blame her for writing because the cause of the butterfly's death wasn't clear, but she was qualifying to be welcomed by her family.


Mizoguchi Hosomi, a little hysteric parting her cute girl, approached her husband to let her brush off.


"Butterflies began to die when she was brought into the house.


Please start as soon as possible. "


み It seemed to have hit my ears, and she offered to get herself.


However, until you find a service port somewhere, please leave it here.


It's also reasonable, and I'm not going to crave it out even now, so if I understand Mizoguchi and leave it as it is, the brush goes to Yada's mother and somewhere, I talked to her, but she hated her.