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江戸の化物:岡本 綺堂(28-58)/107


He said, "Leave it as it is." So, Mr. Hosou pretended to be unaware, but nothing happened.


However, one day it was when the main character was eating.


Hoso-kun, who is serving the patient, is holding up the rice bowl in a hurry, so when I asked him what was going on, he said that the rice bowl started spinning around.


Dr. Yagara was very amused by it, and was gazing at the Iibitsu that was spinning around, but eventually, when I opened the shoji in the garden, Iibitsu fell down into the garden and the people gradually came and went. I will roll to.


Then, when I called the disciples who came to the lesson and let them follow it, Iikura stopped in the middle of the bridge in the middle and stopped lying down in the opposite way, so when I tried to take it, the rice decreased completely It was that there was.


Upon examining this, I found that the maid in Ikebukuro was playing a trick with a young person in the neighborhood.


The maid was also surprised to try to take time from herself, but the teacher was so entertained that she couldn't spare her time, and finally she couldn't help her, and she ran away without permission.


There were many such ghost stories during the Edo period.


Tengu, fox possession, kappa, etc.


It seems that there were quite a lot of things that a tengu would despise.


Of course, this is a lie and there is a truth, and it cannot be said in a general sense, but it seems that many of the people who were scorned by the tengu always vaguely lacked clarity of consciousness.


Therefore, there were words such as "He is the one who is likely to be taken away by a tengu."


It's been missing for about a dozen days, and it's bouncing back from somewhere.


These can be interpreted in various ways if explained scientifically, but they were counted as one of the ghost stories in the Edo period.


It seems that there were many fox possessions, but it was a kind of nervous breakdown.


In this era, there were "fox possessions" and "fox witches".


It was said that the person who uses the fox is the pilgrim of Iizuna.


There were also those who used the fox.


A pipe fox means that I went all the way to Inari in Fushimi and put the fox in the pipe, so I was crying on the way saying that the fox put in the pipe should be taken out of the pipe. However, it seems that it will become quieter when you pass Hakone.


In the past, even though other people were disliked by other people, such as the use of foxes, they were afraid of one side and received various prayer fees, but today, fox pedestrians and others have disappeared.


This fox possession would be healed if the fox fell, but there were some who died without being healed.


I heard that Kappa is home to Yanagawa in Chikugo, but it is popular in Edo as well.


This seems to have been called a kappa by merging a cute lie and a tortoise, and it is said that the tortoise is usually the one who sticks to its legs in the river.


This kind of kappa is often found on the river line near Edo.


For some reason, Kabe's Genbei (Genbei moat-now Kita | Tokagawa) is a famous place.


Fukushima | There was a warrior in the Tokugawa servant.


It was a rainy night, but I was walking along the moat of the Tiger Gate.


The area of this moat was more and more popular, and the water in the pond was pouring into the moat.


In front of that, a kid was walking in the hem while drenched in the rain without an umbrella, so I couldn't see it and said, "Hey, why don't you break your butt?" Since he didn't turn around, he commanded this time, "Hey, break his hips," but the boy still has a strange face.


So, when I grabbed my hand and rolled up the hem of the kimono from the back, the buttocks shined brightly, so I put my hand on the collar and said it was "Oore".


But later, I thought it was a pity if it was a real boy, so I went there the next day and saw it. I heard that he had told other people.