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蜘蛛の夢:岡本 綺堂(1-32)/500


Spider's dream


Kido Okamoto




S widow talks.


I was 78 years old this year, and I was born in Kaei 3rd year | Dog year old, so I will talk about Bunkyu 3rd year, which is 14th year.


You often say that people used to be humans, but even so, I'm still a little girl at 14, so I can't say that I know everything.


I will tell you this story later, including what my mother told me, so please listen with that in mind.


The story of the elderly has a long introduction, so young people may be confused, but first of all, as the order of the story, I have to mention a little about my family and relatives.


At that time, I lived in Ishigiri Yokocho, Yotsuya.


It is near Tenno-sama.


My father died five years ago, and my mother and I used to live in Yokomachi.


I don't have anything like a fortune, but I have a stock of Kami-yui, and then I'll fry it for about 3 minutes every month. In addition, my uncle will send me a minute as my mother's pocket money. Therefore, every month | One small car, there was no problem in the lives of the two women at that time.


My brother went out to a large kimono shop called Nunobukuroya in Kyobashi at nineteen, and my mother was looking forward to the opening of the season.


My uncle was my father's younger brother, five years older than my mother, and I heard that it was 41 years old at that time.


The name is Genzo, and I also had a sword shop called Aizuya in Denma-cho, Yotsuya-dori, so my house is also a neighborhood, and it's like a guardian of my house. It was.


My uncle's wife, that is, my aunt, was called Oman, and there was a daughter named Yuu between the couple, and my sister was eighteen and my sister was sixteen.


With this, first of all, both family registers have been examined, and now it is the main text.


As I said before, in the third year of Bunkyu, on February 13th of this year, the 14th Shogun became a priest, and on June 16th, he returned to the castle.


Since I said that I was away, I decided to finish all the festivals in a simple manner, and even in the festival month of June, Sanno in Kojimachi was postponed, and Hikawa in Akasaka just passed the gods, and the floats danced. The stalls were also forgotten, and the Tenno-sama in my neighborhood held a festival after 20 days, but for that reason, the town of Ujigami was about an eaves lantern, and there was no special event.


It seemed very lonely to us, who are young, but this is also a timely season and can't be helped.


I remember that June 26th.


At that time, I was struck by a sewing master in my neighborhood, so when I came back around noon and just entered Yokomachi, my house, a few | a man in front of me. The woman was standing, and the man was pointing at my house and talking to the woman in a whisper.


I thought it was strange, and when I looked closely, I found that the man was Aizuya's uncle, and the woman was a couple of chic customs, and I couldn't seem to be a stubborn person.


When my uncle brought such a woman and gradually approached me, wondering what I was talking about pointing to my house, my uncle noticed my footsteps and took me over here. I turned around suddenly, but I just silently went to the other side with the woman.


"Now my uncle was standing in front of my house."


When I went home and talked about it, my mother also had a strange face.




My uncle is with such a woman ...


I didn't go home. "


"Then, Amo doesn't know."


"I didn't know at all."


The story was just that, but at that time my mother not only had a strange face, but I also noticed that it gradually turned into a dark and abominable face.